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Chatters Hair Salon

Woman holding up a heat tool that straightens hair while brushing.

New to Waterloo in 2018, I partnered with Chatters to build their brand both in store and online through my live demos and product reviews.  

Uptown Beauty Lounge

Laser hair removal for legs.

One of the hottest spas in Waterloo Region, I participate in and share new beauty treatments to build awareness and attract new clientelle.

Denise Boutiques

Woman wearing a bb dakota dress and brown hat. The dress is white with flowers on it.

After almost 2 decades, Denise boutiques moved and wanted to spread awareness of the brands they carry through product marketing.

Lifetime Leather

Woman putting phone in Lifetime Leather clutch.

By using one product in different ways, I showed my followers how versatile Lifetime Leather products are. 

Hush Lash Studio

Hush lash studio for eyelash extensions

Documented receiving eyelash extensions through video. Helped Hush gain market share by referring my followers to the studio. 

Spaces Simplified

Spaces simplified organized my closet to make outfit pairing easier.

Spaces Simplified organized my closet live through Instagram TV and stories. Having an organized closet makes choosing an outfit a breeze. 

Niki Cooper Beauty

Makeup artist smiling wearing all black and in front of a wood panel wall.

Through IGTV, Niki wanted to showcase her makeup and hair techniques and build her clientele. Helping plan, organize and execute each shoot, we filmed a variety of makeup and hair tutorials.

Madison Braids

Brunette halo braid from madison braids. These braids are easy to wear and create a fun hairstyle.

Madison Braids wanted to gain awareness and show how easy their products were to use. Using live demos, I was able to show my followers ways to style their products and how easy they are to use. 


Girl sitting on bridge in a lilac coloured bridemaid dress

New to Waterloo Region, BridesMade allows customers to rent or buy their bridesmaid dresses. Through try on sessions and promoting the ease of rentals, I helped spread the word about BridesMade.

Iddy Biddy fitness

Woman wearing an iddy biddy fitness tank with grey blazer

Showcasing their clothing line as more than fitness apparel. The clothes are perfect, everyday casual wear for the busy mom or fitness addict.  

Fifth Avenue Fashion

Fifth Avenue Fashion jewelry on woman wearing watermelon top with pink background.

Fifth Avenue Fashion offers high quality jewelry at affordable prices. I helped Cheryl pair the collection with simmer clothing, giving her style ideas. 


custom eshkati dress. The dress is black tulle with flowers on it.

eShakti offers customized dresses based on the customers' size, height and preferred neckline. I showed my followers how to create their own piece.

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